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About the initiative

An-Najah National University, in partnership with the Union of Mediterranean Universities (UNIMED) and the Palestinian Student Scholarship Fund, has launched the Technical Education Support for Higher Education Students (TESI) in February 2024.

TESI is based on the concept of ‘visitor students,’ which refers to individuals temporarily enrolled at participating universities for the purpose of continuing their education amidst disruptions, with the understanding that they will receive their degrees from their home institutions.


Dr. Kherieh Rassas

Vice President for International Development & External Affairs

Dr. Saida Affouneh

Deputy President for Educational Support Initiative for Higher Education Students

Dr. Abdulsalam Alkaiyat

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Eng. Ghazi Mortaja

Director of Media Center

Dr. Amjad El-Qanni

Scholarships Coordinator

Mr.Ahmad Alsarghali

President`s Advisor for PR and Marcom

Dr. Mohammed Yasin

Director of E-learning Center

Mr. Abdullah Alnaser

Dean of Admission and Registration

Mr. Firas Abu Aisheh

Director of Computer Center

Ms. Dana Abdulhamid

Director of the University Liaison Offices


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